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08 May


Community Leadership Development Training (CLDT)

The Community Leadership Development Training aims to enhance and update both practical and analytical skills of socially and politically active community youth leaders from Shan State, Burma.

The goal of the training is to offer a variety of courses that will allow participants to gain new analytical skills to expand their conceptual framework in approaching problems in Burma, as well as offer updates to practical skills necessary for effective functioning within their communities and/or organizations.

The school accepts nominations of up to 20 participants from their respective organizations for each one-month training, with a limit of one nominee per organization.

  • A gender balance is maintained.
  • The nominee has a proven background of participation and activism in their community.

The training is conducted in Shan, Burmese and / or English with translation as needed.
Guest speakers and trainers leading a series of intensive workshops on different aspects of inclusive political, social and practical community development.

  • Visits to political offices, community based organizations, media outlets and relevant organizations/institutions. It will provide unprecedented opportunities for cross border capacity building and networking.
  • Political empowerment and advocacy
  • Peace process and implications
  • Community mobilizing
  • Documentation, media creation and outreach
  • Project design and management
  • Computer skills upgrade

The training is held in the school compound, providing an opportunity to build strong networks across political, ethnic, gender, and organizational lines. Participants will board at the school. In addition, travel arrangements and assistance with obtaining visas will be organized as the responsibility of the school.